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A client wrote:
I would recommend Michael to others, because I feel that if he was able to help us, then he can be of great assistance to many others in seemingly hopeless situations.
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Did you know that conflict kills more businesses than competition or the economy. If you are spending time and money fighting and must find a solution to a business dispute because so much is at stake . . . I will help you break the deadlock.

"Unlike fine wines, disputes do not improve with age." Willard Z. Estey, former Supreme Court of Canada Justice

I restore clear thinking, discover the real issues and lay out options that meet the goals of all parties, all within a few weeks and at a fixed price depending on the number of people involved.

" . . . a unique talent in dispute resolution . . . Michael has the ability to make you stop and think about the consequences of your actions." Patrick B., one of my clients

I have worked with boards, shareholders, management teams as well as business partners to bring disputes to an amicable conclusion. Read what clients have to say about my service or you can read an article about my work that appeared in the National Post.

Partnerships, family owned business, workplace conflict, complex IT projects, commercial and estate disputes.

I apply my problem solving skills to tough issues - roadblocks that can stall executives, businesses or families for years.
bullet Disagreements between partners, a management team or board members
bullet Conflict within a team, a complex project, between departments or with an important supplier or customer
bullet Family owned business disputes
bullet Succession planning problems
bullet Problems in an IT outsourcing arrangement
bullet Impasse on a change program, marketing plan or strategy

How serious is your problem?
bullet Are you stalled - agreements far apart, parties more entrenched?
bullet Are you communicating via email and avoiding face to face interaction?
bullet Has this issue been dragging on for months, possibly years?
bullet Is the disagreement consuming most of your energy and large amounts of time?
bullet Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the problem?

If you answered "yes" to more than two of the above, then you can benefit from my service. Even if the situation seems hopeless, I will help you solve the problem and reduce the stress. Our discussions are completely confidential. Read what clients say about my service.

Issues and conflicts can occur in any sector. My business mediation and facilitation skills are applicable to: accounting partnerships, advertising, aerospace, associations, banking, brokerage, cable, charities, chemical, computer hardware, computer software, construction, consumer packaged goods, dental partnership, design, distribution, entertainment, engineering, estate, family owned business, film, food service, franchise, government, graphic art, health care, high tech, internet, landlord tenant, law partnership, life insurance, logistics, manufacturing, medical partnerships, medical products and devices, media, metals, mining, mutual fund, newspaper, not-for-profit, outsourcing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, rinting, property and casualty insurance, public relations, publishing, pulp and paper, retail, service, steel, travel, technology, telecommunications, television, transportation, textile and venture capital.

I provide service in Canada and the United States in cities with easy access via a major airport, including New York City, Newark, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Detroit, Buffalo, Rochester, Miami, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Raleigh, Plano, Fort Lauderdale, Cleveland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg, Regina, Vancouver, Kingston, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, North Bay, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Saskatoon, Moncton, Charlottetown, St. John and Victoria.


Michael J. Marmur, CMC

Read about my track record in the National Post

"The notion that most people want black-robed judges, well-dressed lawyers, and fine paneled courtrooms as the setting to resolve their dispute is not correct. People with problems, like people with pains, want relief, and they want it as quickly and inexpensively as possible."

Warren E. Burger, former Chief Justice United States Supreme Court


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