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Why call someone you do not know?

Even your most trusted advisors tell you what you want to hear.

It is easier to share with a person you do not know.

Complete and total confidentiality. Results.

Certified Management Consultant

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The situation is on your mind all the time. It’s keeping you awake at night. Something must be done, but there’s no easy answer.

This is where I can help. I specialize in resolving conflict or disputes and clarifying murky situations. It doesn’t matter how bad it looks. I will help you resolve open warfare, gridlock or puzzling inertia within your organization.

It’s not black or white . . . it’s green.

Often the best solution is not visible. People’s thinking may be polarized so they can’t see any other options. I help my clients find these other possibilities. Read what they say about my service or read about my work in the National Post.

By working with all the parties, I help break the impasse and reach consensus. Agreement evolves in a natural way. Everyone will understand what’s best for the business as well as what’s best for them personally. The cloud of indecision lifts so you can take action to move the business forward with renewed energy.

Here are some typical situations:


Conflict and backstabbing on the executive team

bullet Business partners who can not seem to agree
bullet Problems in a family owned business

Disagreements with key suppliers or customers.


Finger pointing and blaming due to projects that are languishing


Board members working against the management group

I help you resolve seemingly hopeless situations so you can take action.

Business Dispute Resolution

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To break through roadblocks.

If you need an objective sounding board on your most difficult challenge.

My Guarantee:
You will be able to make the best possible decision so you can move forward with confidence.




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