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Business Mediation and Facilitation  

When I tell people about my work in business mediation and facilitation, I am asked the same question "Don't you find it stressful to be in the middle of disagreements and conflict?" Although it is demanding, it is very rewarding to see people overcome the problem they are facing by finding a solution that works for them.

I am also asked if I am a lawyer. I am an experienced mediator, facilitator and Certified Management Consultant governed by a Code of Conduct. I am involved where the parties would like to be able to talk to each other after the matter is settled or need to continue working together; it is not strictly a matter of law, and who is right or wrong. The parties prefer to determine the outcome, rather than having someone else decide for them.

Another question I am asked is: "How do you do what you do?" The answer is's who I am - it's just what I do. I am a natural problem solver, who is known for giving sensible advice. I am always looking at options and doing risk assessments. I have an ability to solve complex problems with a practical, common sense approach. People tell me that I'm sincere, objective, thorough and very fast. Read more about how I do it.

As an executive recruiter for information technology management talent, I gained an indepth understanding of people - their roles, responsibilities, drivers and effectiveness. As I worked in this setting, I was frequently asked for advice. As a result, I developed Consequential Analysis®, an approach designed to help individuals, project teams and management groups maximize their decision-making effectiveness in times of dispute, conflict or change.

Using this approach, I have successfully conducted and managed consulting assignments in the areas of business mediation, dispute resolution, risk identification and assessment, strategy reformulation, and executive assessment and development. Clients that have worked with me tell me that I take our discussions to a new plane where key and critical issues can be discussed confidentially and resolved.

Prior to establishing my firm, I worked for Coopers & Lybrand in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (now PricewaterhouseCoopers) and was a partner in a Toronto based boutique consulting firm. The early part of my career was spent in Montreal where I grew up.

If you are struggling with an important issue, you will benefit from my services. I can be reached at 416-410-3311 for a strictly confidential no obligation initial discussion.

Professional Designation
Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

Master of Business Administration, Concordia University
Bachelor of Commerce, McGill University

Michael J. Marmur, CMC

Michael Marmur, MBA, CMC

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