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"The CMC designation demonstrates a consultants' commitment to the best practices in management consulting."

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Partnership, Family-Owned Business and Estate Conflict

You've seen the problem - shareholders or business partners in hopeless disagreement, perhaps a family owned business that is stuck due to arguments between family members or an estate dispute where the parties can not seem to move forward. You recognize that if someone could talk to the parties involved and facilitate a discussion that the matter could likely be resolved without costly litigation. Read what clients say about my service or read about my work in the National Post.

As a Lawyer or Accountant, you may not be in a position to mediate the dispute and bring the matter to resolution. That's where I come in. I am a Certified Management Consultant who facilitates and mediates individuals and businesses as they are confronted by important decisions and difficult issues. I have a track record of using a combination of mediation, coaching and facilitation to help the parties to reach resolution so they can focus on what is really important and move forward. Here are some typical situations . . .

Disputes within a partnership or limited company - the business implications of disputes between partners or shareholders can lead to declining revenue, lack of focus, disgruntled customers or ultimately the breakup of the company. Help your client work to resolve the business disagreement and make every effort to avoid litigation or break up of the business.

Disputes within a family owned business - these conflicts are even more complicated because people's business lives and personal lives are at risk. Legal problems can break the trust between family members. Conflict around roles and responsibilities can leave lasting divides. I help mend the relationship between the parties and help break the impasse so they can move forward and refocus.

Family members or others who can not agree on how to handle the assets in an estate settlement. The repercussions of unresolved conflict will spill into the lives of those involved. It is essential that these issues are addressed so that the parties can move forward.

Shareholders can not agree on how to invest for expansion - the opportunity may exist to grow the business but there is an impasse due to disagreement on the best choice. I facilitate a decision process, using Consequential Analysis® which enables the parties to reach consensus without delay.

Business Dispute Resolution

Why refer your client?

Avoid being involved in decision making that can lead to a conflict of interest.

Elevate yourself in your client's eyes by referring the right professional to help them solve their differences of opinion.

Bring new perspective to your client's problem.

Present your client with a solution that avoids litigation or arbitration.

Keep your client; I'm not an accountant or a lawyer.

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