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Consequential Analysis® is a decision making process developed by Michael Marmur to break decision gridlock and facilitate problem solving by focusing management attention on establishing decision alternatives. It is an interventional framework for ensuring highly effective decision making in situations involving crisis, conflict or dispute. Consequential Analysis® was developed as an interactive technique to help management flesh out and document alternatives. The pros and cons of each alternative are then weighted, irrelevant data can then be identified, and the consequences of selecting a particular path are generated so that they can be examined.

Consequential Analysis® is a powerful tool to help decision makers perform their jobs accurately and examine the potential result(s) of their action or inaction.
The methodology allows the participants, generally influenced by their own agendas and interests, to make better choices by helping them to predict the consequences of their action or inaction.

Consequential Analysis® is invaluable in:

Business Mediation / Dispute Resolution
Consequential Analysis® works to help resolve issues where a decision is required, but there is a lack of consensus and the problem has little chance of being resolved without focus or a commitment to resolution.

Strategy Reformulation
Helps decision makers to resolve strategic problems in which there is no apparent convergence of thinking or where there are questions/doubts regarding an agreed upon strategic direction.

Crisis Management
Consequential Analysis® provides an interventional framework for ensuring highly effective decision making in crisis situations.

Change Management/Coaching
By applying consequential thinking, participants broaden their perspective by challenging their own assumptions. The result is an ability to “see” what action is required in order to achieve success. The outcome is a fully engaged individual acting in the best interest of the organization.

Risk Assessment / Scenario Planning
Consequential Analysis® provides methodology to uncover hidden issues or traps prior to launching products or services or making changes in strategic direction.

Problem Solving
Consequential Analysis® helps to ensure that the best possible decision outcome can be identified and chosen particularly in those situations where having performed a detailed analysis still presents no obvious choice. Consequential Analysis helps bring people to a focal point with minimal disruption or negative fallout.

Project Management
Through the application of guiding principles, Consequential Analysis® facilitates an objective review of complex or critical projects and programs.

Benefits and Savings to the Organization and Participants
Time saved.
Decision-making consensus acquired.
Impasses broken and dissolved.
Focus of participants on reaching decisions, thus minimal organizational distraction and fallout.
Synergy resulting from a team dynamic focused on a successful outcome.
Overall, the best possible decisions and effective action flowing from the process.


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