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Family-Owned Business Problems

A conflict in your family owned business is very complicated because your business lives and personal lives are at risk. A dispute affects the entire family. Legal problems can break the trust between family members. Conflict around roles and responsibilities can leave lasting divides.

I work with each member of the family to resolve the issues that are impacting everyone involved. We work on breaking the impasse and rebuilding trust between the parties, so that you can move forward and refocus. At times it may be necessary to look at roles and responsibilities.

As a Certified Management Consultant I appreciate your business issue. My personal style provides each individual the opportunity to be heard.

In some situations other family members may not want to discuss the problem or they may not agree that there  is a problem.  In these situations an individual consultation can clarify the situation and help you identify the next steps.

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Family-Owned Business Problems

Michael J. Marmur, CMC



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