Business Mediation to Avoid Litigation
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Act with confidence. Working with me, you will have a clear understanding of your choices and their change consequences. You may not like the decision you need to make - but you will have complete awareness of the risks and know it is the best choice. Sometimes there may not be one "best" answer, there may be two options, equally good. At other times it is best to wait and take action later. The important point is that you will know, you will know what to do with a high degree of confidence.

The process is part of the solution. Often change starts to happen as we work together. I have a private conversation with each individual involved. Then I scan for other relevant information. Using all that I have gathered I lay out the options and the consequences. We identify how these options fit with your personal risk tolerance so you can readily take action. A facilitated mediation session follows where the parties can discuss their issues and move towards reaching consensus.

Speed counts. I need hours, not days, of your time.

Buy my problem solving skill. Save the cost and time of multiple experts and junior staff doing a detailed study and writing a long report. Avoid costly litigation to have someone else make the decision for you. Reach answers with minimal disruption to you and/or your organization.

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Thoughts on Mediation

"I'd rather jaw, jaw, jaw, than war, war, war."
Winston Churchill





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