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In order to maintain the confidentiality of all parties involved in my mediation services, full names and company names have been removed from the testimonials.

"works quickly he lives and breathes his clients' conflict for the few short days it takes to resolve it"

Michael Marmur is a brilliant mediator; he has helped family business owners, partners in professional firms and other business leaders resolve destructive conflict, even when resentments were longstanding and/or painfully bitter. Michael works quickly he lives and breathes his clients' conflict for the few short days it takes to resolve it darting in and out with scheduled meetings, helpful emails and telephone conversations that gradually and inevitably open people's minds and give them the insights and the grace to see things from the other's perspective. As a result Michael is always able to effect change. It may not be exactly the result a party wished for at the outset, but it is always the best result obtainable so all parties can move on with confidence they have done the right thing, and the best thing for their mental, physical and financial health. How does Michael work these miracles? Well, Michael and I serve the same clients; I've carefully observed him in action and I can tell you he has a natural gift. Resolving conflict while keeping relationships, (and businesses) intact is Michael's inner genius. As a lawyer, I've seen many many many top dispute resolution experts at work. But none can hold a candle to Michael.Kate E., Managing Director

"a very hostile and polarized partnership"

My partners and I selected Michael Marmur to work with our company because his credentials and pre-hiring interview strongly suggested that he was our man. During the process I went through, Michael's patience, listening and questioning techniques made me feel at ease and open up more than I expected. As a result, Michael was able to bring a very hostile and polarized partnership to an amicable conclusion. I would recommend Michael to others, because I feel that if he was able to help us, then he can be of great assistance to many others in seemingly hopeless situations. Wolf L., VP

"tension between my partner and I...."

I first met Michael during what appeared to be a human resource crisis. Michael came into our firm to work with the employees and get the company back on track. During his time with the employees he soon realized there was not a human resource crisis at all; it turned out that the employees were dissatisfied due to tension between my partner and I; we had no idea.

We soon asked Michael to focus his efforts on this issue and help resolve the problems. We found that he has a unique talent in dispute resolution and was able to identify the major issues and help us understand all of the consequences of the decisions we needed to make.  Michael has the ability to make you stop and think about the outcomes of your actions. I find most people don't take enough time to really think through all of the consequences of all of their decisions. He made me look at what I was doing and where I was going - he then guided me to the best answer.

I would highly recommend Michael to help in any dispute resolution situation. Patrick B., Vice President, Sales

" the management level"

Our organization was struggling with clarity of communication and division of responsibility at the management level. In spite of and maybe because of the close friendships of the individuals involved an objective solution could not be arrived at. Michael was called in to facilitate a conversation between the individuals. He spent a significant amount of time gathering background information from individuals prior to sitting down to facilitate a productive conversation which helped to catalyze a shift. Michael provides the rare gift of giving people the experience of being listened to. He brings an empathy to the situation which, when coupled with his objectivity and gut-level intuition, enables him to deliver options, choices and clarity to the teams he works with. Antony W., Vice President of Scientific Development and Marketing

"make life easier for many stressed executives"

When we wanted to "do something" about a computer-related situation there was a need to assure our Board that we did not require "their outside advice". Our "outside" Chartered Accountant suggested Michael. As a believer in going to experts, I readily agreed to recommend that approach to the Board. Michael's style of rational assessment and analytical attention to everyone's agenda proved valuable and helped us move forward on a solution everyone bought into, and claimed "as their own".

More professionals, like Michael, would make life easier for many stressed executives. , Vince G., Executive Director

"potential client and I weren't seeing eye to eye"

My problem arose in the midst of a proposal I was making for a very desirable job. The potential client and I weren't seeing eye to eye about the structure of the job itself or the payment structure.

I was about to walk away, but fortunately it occurred to me to talk it over with Michael instead. It didn't take him long to figure out the problem. His analysis was thoughtful and the approach he suggested was astute - in fact it saved the situation.

Now that we're over the initial hump, my client and I are enjoying a constructive and amicable work relationship. Thank you Michael! Andrea P., President

"forum to vent......"

Michael provided a forum to vent thoughts, ideas and feelings which if he had not been involved would not otherwise have presented itself. The outcome was very good and ultimately things are working out, even though I am cautiously optimistic. I found Michael to be thought-provoking in a non-threatening way. He provided a nurturing environment and was able to help me in my thinking without leading me to conclusions. Personally, I found the process very worthwhile. Regardless of where we end up in the long term, things are much better now.
Wally S.

"questioning one of my key assumptions"

Thank you for your help with an important but difficult issue. I am grateful that I had the good sense to call you to help me get to the heart of the difficulty. By questioning one of my key assumptions, you unraveled the entire mess and helped me find an entirely new approach to what I wanted to do. The new approach is far better than any of the scenarios that I had previously considered, and basically let me “have my cake and eat it too”.

While I have always heard positive reports from my clients who have used your services, it was interesting to experience the power of “Consequential Analysis” directly. In many ways, it was like magic! I know that the answer is not always what we want to hear, but in this case it was better than I ever hoped. Your ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly was extremely useful. You used questions to get me to reconsider certain issues – I never felt threatened, intimidated, or stupid for not being able to see what you saw so quickly. You saved me a lot of money and potentially wasted time and energy. Karen V.

"built a consensus"

You did an exceptional job in understanding our differing needs and built a consensus in an environment where the company was being pulled into different directions. I'll not soon forget what you have done for us. Joe M., CEO

"ability to understand people, their strengths and weaknesses, and then create win-win situations is a rare gift"

I have known Michael for at least 15 years, through several of his career manifestations, as an executive recruiter, a consultant and a mediator. In whatever role Michael undertook, he demonstrated an extremely valuable talent for assessing people and then used that judgement and knowledge to bring people together. The ability to understand people, their strengths and weaknesses, and then create win-win situations is a rare gift, and I have relied on his assessment skills a number of times. He has always proven to be professional, high-energy, hard-working and a pleasure to work with. I regard Michael as someone on whom I can always rely and whose counsel I will continue to seek. David H., CEO & Principal

"instrumental in getting one of our projects back on track"

I am pleased to inform you that Michael Marmur was instrumental in getting one of our projects back on track.  In the end all parties involved understood that a communication misunderstanding had occurred and could be resolved.  I found Michael to be very professional and helpful in this situation. Leslie W., CEO


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"Unlike fine wines, disputes do not improve with age."

Willard Z. Estey, former Supreme Court of Canada Justice


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