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My strength is my ability to work with individuals as they are confronted by conflict and a requirement for change.

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Workplace Conflict Resolution / Organizational Mediation Services

As the senior Human Resources executive in your organization with primary responsibility for the workplace, at times you will see disputes or situational conflict in the workplace.

Problems occur in every organization as well as between organizations. These situations can include shareholder disputes, partner disagreements, customer-supplier problems and outsourcing arrangements gone bad. I bring a common sense, third party perspective to resolving these types of workplace situations which are so costly to all parties involved. Read what others say about my service or read about me in the National Post.

Call Michael Marmur at 416-410-3311 or write to me if you see:

bullet Unresolved issues with an individual, project team or management group
bullet A conflict that is just not getting solved and is sapping energy from the organization
bullet Unusual or high employee turnover in the workplace
bullet Lack of consensus
bullet Post merger conflict
bullet Critical project off the rails





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